Welcome to JETANTIQUE website, we have many Japanese antique materials around 1950's to 1970's.
They looks funny, psychederic and cute but actually born based on Japanese old customs.
You can check 'em on our website, and even buy 'em.
BUT sorry we have Japanese contents only, so if you find some interesteds, then Email us in English.
Sorry we can not accept any credit cards order, only accept postal money order and ship 'em via EMS postal percel.

JETANTIQUE web shopping cart SALE materials here we stock BIZZARE GUITARS SURF,GARAGE,GRUNGE 'em all vintage ALADDIN,PERFECTION,VALOR kerosene heters here also wicks are available Japanese vintage SEIKO wrist watchies, and spacy designed table or wall clocks here posing-dolls,French-dolls,vintage barbies here vintage Japanese modern furnitures,lights,and small stuffs here map and about JETANTIQUE privacy and policy Email us here